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Writing JavaScript apps on the backend or the frontend?

Almost everything new in JavaScript is built on Promises and async functions, and even the existing features of the language are starting to migrate to the new structure.

But they are not just keywords that magically make something async work with the rest of the program. Async changes how the function work and that can lead to errors without proper understanding.

From this book, you'll build an understanding on how Promises and async/await work and you'll be familiar with the common problems and their solutions.

Book + video course

the building blocks of modern JavaScript
Book + video course
Reading or listening, whichever you prefer
For developers
For people who write code. Code snippets, technical details, and things to avoid are all covered in the book.
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Video course

What you'll learn04:30
Asynchronous programming in JavaScript07:55
Async/await basics
Async functions05:11
Special case: returning Promises04:47
The Promise constructor07:35
Promises states05:50
Error handling
Error handling in async functions03:45
Error handling in the Promise constructor04:37
Async performance
Parallel processing07:18
Callback styles05:48
Useful functions06:57
Common errors13:25
Example codes10:04

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FormatWeb, PDF, Epub
Video course
Total length1h 30m+
StatusContent finished
Last updatedSep 5, 2023 - Updates
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Tamás Sallai

I'm a software developer focusing mostly on cloud computing and web technologies. I'm especially interested in how to handle edge cases to end up with dependable software.

I find asynchronous programming fascinating as when everything works perfectly it feels like magic as various parts of a program are doing their things without interfering with each other. On the other hand, concurrency brings a lot of edge cases that can lead to bugs that are very hard to debug and fix. I enjoy thinking about these "what can go wrong" scenarios and observe a program that works well in many different conditions.

Other books I wrote:

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